About Us

Spending years working in the show industry I learned one important detail: you have to be honest with your partners and clients and you have to be devoted to your work. Our company has been working since 2008. That was the moment when we started building relationships with our partners and clients bit by bit, offering the best we could.

This homepage is for everyone who seeks for solutions for maintenance support and design of the event of any kind. It can be a corporate party or a presentation. Or, maybe, the solution for the technical maintenance of a concert or a festival is needed? We will help you to find options of realizing your creative ideas.

Today's technical requirements on the market are high such as requirements of our customers. We try to follow the latest technical innovations in the field of the show industry. So in this help us the world class brands of audio, light, video, and stage equipment.

We are always happy to answer your questions. Therefore, if you wish, you can always send them to our e-mail address and we will contact you soon as possible.